Transition Town
2014, 2015

Transition Town is conceived to be a research project in reading and interpreting some surfacing traits of today’s society, concerning the temporarity and uncertainty, and focusing on new visions in Living. A projectual approach, based upon Systemics and the Complexity Theory, contemplates sharing modalities for experimental and sustainable living models, based on space and service sharing, as well as key concepts like: modularity, flexibility, figurative identity, sustainability, domotics. The research’s purpose is to obtain advanced social housing projects, and to explore and propose experimental solutions such as new urban types, capable of interpreting and answering to some surfacing situations, or situations fuelled by social change, specifically focusing on disadvantaged social groups. The research process was promoted by ISIA Roma Design in partnership with ICE (Foreign promotion agency) and the Polo Tecnologico of Pordenone,  with the support of the City Planning Department of the City of Pordenone.