Il Mosnel

Label and Packaging for Franciacorta Il Mosnel Riserva 2007 wine bottle. Winners of the 2014 edition of “Questione di etichetta – L’arte di vestire il vino” contest, promoted by wine company ilMosnel in partnership with ADI (Industrial Design Association) and Fedrigoni. The design draws inspiration from the company motto: “Time and experience teach us how to translate grapes into emotions”. The proposed visual project translates words into images. A vine leaf is composed of delicate golden signs, giving the impression of evaporating up in the air, just like the bubbles in the precious liquid the bottle contains. The three lymphatic lines recall the three grapes varieties composing the Franciacorta DOCG Pas Dosè “QdE”. The package is shaped like a treasure chest which, once opened, enhances its exquisite content. The label is printed on Fedrigoni paper, using a cutting-edge silk-screen print in braille, involving more than just one sense.